AU MEME:  Luke being the clingy boyfriend, even though he’s in his room and not wanting to get up to go to your room.

*INSPIRED BY THE INSTAGRAM VIDEO* *yes I did make these gifs* 

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He could arrest me anytime, damn 😏


He could arrest me anytime, damn 😏

AU meme: Calum works in your local mechanics shop and you really like him. 

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I know a million people have pointed this out but idk it makes me happy every time i see this

Long way home: expectations vs reality

expectations: so we're taking the long way home, cause I don't wanna be wasting my time alone, I wanna get lost and drive forever with you...
reality: 3/4 of the 5sos band members actually can't drive and you are forced to take the long way home using public transport


AU: Nash tells his fans about you two being together

(Own gifs, this is my first au thing)

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5SOS AULuke’s your best friend and after a night out drinking with the boys he decides to confess his feelings for you. (gif credit x)

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Status of the 5SOSFam

Michael Girls: dead as of July 24/25, 2014 when Michael got his eyebrow piercing
Luke Girls: dead as of June 26, 2014 when the album was up on tumblr and Luke's vocals at the end of Eighteen was heard
Calum Girls: alive but slowly dying as Calum gets more and more tattoos
Ashton Girls: alive but on life support as the holes in Ashton's shirts increase in number and size
The Fam In General: barely holding on as "soon" has come and past and the boys are getting bigger and living their dreams



"Youtubers can seem like they have the most perfect life, but everything that you don’t see could be shit. You just don’t know."

this hurts

so bad

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